Nash Approved Internship Site

Nash Approved Internship Site for a Nash Approved School

The role of the Nash Approved Internship Site, participating in the Nash System of Education, is to provide training in bathing, grooming, and styling for students to complete their practical skills portion of the diploma program. Internship sites make it possible for students who cannot afford to pay for their practical skills training, cannot secure financing, or not able to relocate for the training. 

Student Status at a Practical Skills Site Offering Internship Training 
  • An individual participating in an internship is considered a student at Nash Academy. 

  • The student is not an employee of the internship site. 

  • Salon does have the option to hire a student after training. This is a perfect method to use to find the best match for your salon.  


Does the Student Pay a Tuition Fee for Practical Skills Training? 
  • The student is not required to pay tuition fees for the onsite practical skills portion of the diploma program at an internship site location. 

  • The student must pay administrative fees to Nash Academy. 

  • Nash Academy pays the site administrative fees to record grades and attendance.  

  • The site does not receive monetary compensation from the school to train students.


Practical Skills Onsite Trim Style Tests Required

Student Interns who receive training in practical skills and complete the required online series of courses can attend a Nash Test Site to complete the required trim styles and salon safety certifications to receive their Diploma. 


Test Sites for Nash Approved System

Test sites are conducted at Nash Approved Schools and Training Sites using the Nash System. Tests are hosted at the International Judges Association for Dog Grooming Competitions (IJA) and Championship Training Events conducted in salons and pet expos throughout the USA . Competitors who compete in the competition receive credit for their trim styles toward the requirements for their diploma programs. 


Who Will Teach Students at Internship Sites?

A Nash Approved Internship Site requires student interns who train to successfully complete the Nash System Diploma Program to teach the art of bathing, grooming, and styling dogs with professionalism.