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Kimberly Clinton

Site: Southern Tails
Nash Approved Practical Instructor
Nash Approved Training Site
Location: Pearland, Texas

“I love the finished product of a fur baby that comes in looking sad and dirty,” Kimberly Clinton said. “Then, when they leave, they are so excited and feel so good after their fresh haircut!” Kimberly is, obviously, a true animal lover, and she is a Nash-Approved instructor at Southern Tails in Pearland, Texas, and is also their grooming manager. She has been affiliated with Susan McCormack’s two salons for nine years, and now they are growing their business and educating young groomers by becoming a Nash-Approved Training Site. Kimberly grew up in Fresno, Texas, though she now lives and works in Pearland. She’s been married for 22 years, and has two children, Breanna, 21, and Nathan, 17, as well as their diva cat, Maci. Sadly, the family recently lost its beloved Toby, a sixteen-year-old Chi-weenie. Kimberly has always been surrounded by dogs, as her family raised and hunted Tree and Walker coon dogs. She pursued her passion when she went to work for a veterinarian as a teenager, and the clinic where she worked trained her to be a vet tech.  Kimberly clearly brings a world of valuable experience to Southern Tails’ Nash-Approved training program.

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