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Southern Tails

Nash Approved Practical Instructor: Kimberly Clinton
Nash Approved Online Instructor: Dr. Susan McCormack
Nash Approved Training Site
Location: Pearland, Texas

Located in Pearland, Texas, it prides itself on customized care and compassion and kindness for all clients’ pets, and is dedicated to each and every pet’s safety, health and contentment. The state-of-the-art facility offers grooming and styling (featuring specialty shampoos and individualized grooming packages), boarding with cage-free dog and cat condos, day care featuring huge play rooms (actually indoor parks) to keep dogs’ days filled with fun, and a retail boutique catering to the health and welfare of clients’ dogs. All staff members are trained in pet handling, first aid and CPR. Its owner, Susan McCormack, has decades of experience both in the pet care professions and in education and communication (including a PhD), so her Nash-training and utilizing of the Nash System of Pet Care to train future pet care professionals makes Southern Tails an ideal facility to further the Nash ideals of compassion, kindness and artistry for every pet groomed.

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