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Susan McCormack

Site: Southern Tails
Nash Approved Online Instructor
Nash Approved Training Site
Location: Pearland, Texas

Dr. Susan McCormack has been an educator for the past 22 years. Her research and doctorate is in curriculum writing and instructional implementation. The past 18 years, she has served as a professor of education affiliated with the University of Houston System at the University of Houston, University of Houston Clear Lake, and the University of Houston Downtown. During that time she designed and implemented numerous courses, as well as, served on university committees, and published chapters and peer-reviewed articles related to her degree. At the same time, Susan took an interest in the pet industry - at first to satisfy her own needs as a pet owner in a rigorous career, but later, because she was fascinated by the complexity of the industry. She opened a small grooming/daycare shop in a suburb in south Houston. One thing that Susan noticed immediately was that the professionals were most often underestimated. “I also began to notice that individuals who had chosen career paths in pet professions were not often viewed as professional,” said Susan. 


As her duties with the businesses increased, Susan’s ability to work full-time at the university diminished. Currently, she only teaches one course each semester. Her earlier work with both the university and that small groom shop were great preparation for her new adventure in the grooming industry. Now a salon owner for the past nine years, Pearland Barkway originated in February of 2011, and offered grooming and daycare on a small scale. Through hard work and dedication from a small staff this small shop quickly grew to be positively recognized for offering quality grooming, boarding, daycare, and products to their clients. Last year a new facility was opened, Southern Tails, to accommodate their clients on the west end of Pearland. This year that  business experienced great growth as they have completed one full year of operation, and they are sliding into the second year at Southern Tails. 


Over the past nine years, Susan has been observing significant trends in the pet industry, which is rapidly growing across the globe. Grooming accounts for a huge portion of that industry. Susan states, “For me, grooming is a combination of art and science. It is a profession that requires a combination of formal knowledge and hands-on practicum. However, I noticed a gap in the number of groomers who had received adequate, professional training. My goal is to reduce that gap by building a grooming academy that services the south Texas region.”  


Blending her experience as a salon owner and her experience as an educator provides the perfect credentials for their current educational endeavors. “Southern Tails was designed with that goal in mind and provides the perfect setting for our dream to be realized. Our goals could not be accomplished without our association with Nash Academy. Our commitment to excellence mirrors the Nash vision. We are proud that three of us have completed the Nash Instructor course and we are poised to take in students who will help us achieve our goals,” Dr. McCormack said.

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