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Practical Skills Instructor

Nash System Certified Practical Skills Instructor Program

The Nash Academy's curriculum, the foundation of the Nash System of Education, is world renowned, and those who teach it must do so at an expert level, with uncompromising rigor and enthusiasm. To achieve the prestigious title of a Nash Approved Certified Practical Skills Instructor, the individual must be well trained in all aspects of teaching including salon operations. Practical skills instructors must utilize the Nash System to create consistency to achieve the Nash System Standard of Excellence.

Receive World Wide Recognition
As a Nash System Certified Practical Skills Instructor, you will receive worldwide recognition as an active participant in the most advanced educational program in the pet care profession. Certified instructors will share their knowledge with their peers and other pet care professionals. Instructors work together as a team to discuss new trends in the grooming profession, and work closely with other international instructors to gain a global perspective on breed profiles and grooming standards through continued education courses. Certified instructors will also have the opportunity to participate in the development of many innovative and progressive training programs offered only through the Nash System. 

Dedication to Excellence
With completion of this program, you will show your dedication and committed to excellence in the pet care industry and be proud to say you were trained by the best to teach the onsite portion of the Diploma Programs for Dogs andCats. You will be one of the first in the pet care industry to set standards in the art of teaching bathing, grooming and styling with professionalism. Setting high standards today for a better tomorrow!

Nash Approved Training Sites
The Nash System approves state of the art facilities as training sites to teach the practical skills courses to students enrolled in the Nash System. Students have completed or are in the process of completing the online portion of their training. The online courses are open 24/7 and include virtual books that are available to everyone.

To Qualify
To qualify for this prestigious position, you must study, practice and teach safe and gentle handling of pets at all times and must believe in and uphold the Nash philosophy to treat each and every pet as if the pet were your own. You must also have breed knowledge, technical skills and be an excellent teacher for this elite position. 

All instructors must complete, or must have previously completed, the 6 online courses about understanding and taking care of man's best friend as well as the salon, grooming and styling courses with a 92.0 GPA or higher. 

Nash Graduates
If you are a Nash Academy graduate who has successfully completed the Diploma Program for Dogs and/or Cats with a GPA of 92.0 or higher, you have completed the prerequisite. If you did not have a GPA of 92.0 or higher you have the option to retest. 

First Step
Online Course - How to Teach Practical Skills 
The online portion of the program, understanding how to teach practical skills, is a course designed for professional pet care specialists who want to take the next step and become a Nash Certified Practical Skills Instructor. Instructors will discuss what it means to be a Nash Certified Instructor, including skills and ethics as well the many new responsibilities an instructor will undertake. Instructors will learn about student orientation, attendance, schedules, tests, progress reports, report cards, and graduation. Instructors will be taught about communication, including team meetings, individual assignments, weekly reports, and the various reading tools in the Nash Virtual Library such as the Groomers and Canine Reference.

Onsite Course - About Teaching Practical Skills
The onsite portion of the course, teaching practical skills, offers the hands-on approach necessary for all Nash Certified Instructors to achieve, so that they may teach students at the highest professional level. 

Online - About Client Relations
The online course about client relations discusses the importance of documenting client and pet information and how to maintain excellent communication with pet families.

Onsite - Practicing and Conducting Client Relations 
The onsite portion of the client relations course is all about practicing and using the online client relations manual as a reference guide to create consistency in documenting very important information on the clients and the pets and creating standards on receiving and presenting pets to clients in a pet grooming salon. 

Online - Safety, Sanitation, Organization and Maintenance Manager
The online course is about understanding the importance of the safety, sanitation, organization and maintenance in a salon to set standards with policies and procedures to create the most professional salon in the industry.

Online - Safety, Sanitation, Organization and Maintenance Manager
The onsite course is all about practicing the safety, sanitation, organization and maintenance manager job responsibilities in a salon using the policies and procedures to create the standard to achieve the status of the professional salon in the industry.

Online School Catalog 
The online course is about understanding school policies and procedures to better accommodate students to achieve consistency around the world in documenting and grading students in the art of bathing, grooming and styling with professionalism. 

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