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Monica Taylor

Site: Labella Pet Boutique
Nash Approved Practical Instructor
Location: Aberdeen, Maryland

Experience: 14 years


Industry Accomplishments and Awards: 

  • “2021 Best of Harford Readers’ Choice Award” (recognized for excellence)

  • October 2021 Nash Academy of Animal Arts: Diploma

  • October 2021 Certified Nash Instructor  

  • Model Dog Pure Breed Online Summer Competition 2021

    • Wire Coat Types 1st place

    • Multitude of Coat Types 2nd place

    • Sporting Coat Types 2nd place

    • Curly Coat Types 2nd place

    • Poodle’s 2nd & 3rd place 

  • Model Dog Pure Breed Online Spring Competition 2021

    • 2nd & 4th place

  • *2020 Awarded “Best of Harford Honorable Mention” 

  • International Online Live Dog Competition 1st place in “Novice Double Coat Sculpt” (Pomeranian)  

  • International Online Live Dog Competition “Best Double Coat Sculpt in Group” 3rd place 

  • Completed Pet Tech CPR & First Aid Training 2021 

  • John Nash Most Professional Competitor 2020 

  • World of Pets Best First Time Competitor 2020 

  • Rescue Round-Up 1st Place 2020  

  • Grooming Instructor at Harford Community College 2019


My Why:

Grooming is not just a job to me, it’s my life. Since I was a young child, I’ve always had a strong passion for animals. As I grew older, I dreamed of becoming a veterinarian. What better way of living than to wake up every morning knowing you could save another animal's life. The day my family and I lost our dog, Mikey, I realized emotionally I could not handle the difficult decisions veterinarians have to make. I decided pampering them allows me to show my love and appreciation. Many people don’t realize how much of a blessing our furry friends can be. When you’re feeling under the weather, they are there to comfort you. You’ve been struggling through daily life challenges, yet you are welcomed at the front door with wet kisses and sniffs. When you’re feeling down or happy, your fur babies are there sold out to cheer you on. When you love someone, pampering is the best way to show your appreciation. I enjoy seeing the pup’s excitement when putting on the final touches. As well as the owner’s reaction to scruffy transforming into fluffy!


Animals are such an important factor in our everyday life. This world has developed such a  sour taste with violence, child abuse, bullying, neglect, ignorance, abandonment, discrimination, and the list goes on. We need our pets whether they're as small as a fish or big as a Great Dane. Animals truly are our personal therapists at no charge but to love them in return.


I am so excited about the opportunity to teach others about this amazing career. Grooming is a  growing industry with many avenues to excel. Over my 14 years of being a professional pet stylist, I have learned and experienced many important key factors in being a successful stylist.  Some of the key factors are recognizing every pet has a different need and personality,


understanding their anatomy, respecting their body language, the importance of relating with the client, asking questions when your are uncertain, maintaining a positive attitude, being open-minded for change, and growth, cleanliness, focusing on the quality of the groom rather than the quantity, teamwork, honesty, patience, remaining professional through all circumstances and believing in your work. These are a couple of key factors I would like to share with upcoming groomers.


The love and compassion I have for animals reflect who I am as a person. I’ve often been known as “the dog whisperer” The one who can calm the storm and simmer the flames. I truly have been blessed over these 14 years as a pet stylist. I’ve experience working with a  corporate company, boarding facility, mobile grooming, and veterinary clinic. These transitions have strengthened me as a stylist, to now owning my own business. LaBella Pet Boutique LLC.


Having the opportunity to help others reach their goals, ambitions, and dreams. Is such an honorable feeling. I would love to work with you, as well as bring new ideas to this ever-changing industry.

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