Nash Approved Salon

Achieve a Standard of Excellence - Nash Approved Salon Facility

Team up with Nash to set standards in your salon and certifications in all facets of pet care for your salon team. Prepare for state and industry licensing using the Nash System of Pet Care Education. 

Advertise Your Nash Approved Status and Certification of Facility and Staff
  • Certify your team in canine and feline first aid and CPR safety.

  • Certify your team in salon safety, organization, sanitation, and maintenance

  • Certify your team in product, equipment, and tool safety.

  • Certify your team in trim styles by coat types certification.


Teach, Evaluate, and Rank your Team with the International Scoring System Created and Maintained for over 20 Years. 
  • Level 1 Novice Canine Stylist 

  • Level 2 Master Canine Stylist

  • Level 3 Expert Canine Stylist

  • Level 4 Specialist Canine Stylist 

  • Level 5 Elite Educators and Judges


Achieve Nash Approved Salon Status!

The first step is to complete your application, registration, and your facility checklist. After you achieve a Nash Approved Salon status, you can take the next step and partner with the Nash System to train your employees or train students in the Nash System.  

  • Nash Approved On The Job Training Site - Train your employees and set standards in your salon using the Nash System.

  • Nash Approved Internship Site - Train students participating in the Nash Internship Program. Great way to train future employees. 

  • Nash Approved Training Site - Train students for schools participating in a Nash Approved School Program. 

  • Nash Approved Pet Care School - Open your own school using the Nash Online and Onsite System! 


The Nash Approved System can help you to be a top dog in your town! Start your registration process now. Take the Nash Challenge today and make your salon a safer place for you, your salon team, and the pets in your care.

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