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Nash Approved School Site

A Nash Approved Pet Care School has completed the process to be a Nash Approved Salon, Nash Approved OJT Site, Nash Approved Internship Site, Nash Approved Training Site and Nash Approved School. 


The site has also completed all policies and procedures required by its state to legally operate as a pet grooming school. 


The Role of the Nash Approved Pet Care School Site
  • The role of Nash Approved Pet Care School, participating in Nash System, is to help establish consistency in pet care education.

  • Schools follow the same curriculum to establish a standard.

  • School offers basic training in the art of bathing, grooming, and styling man’s best friend as well as intermediate and advanced courses. 


Who Will Teach Your Students?

Nash Approved Pet Care Schools are required to employ Nash Certified Practical Skills Instructors to oversee training. 

Setting Standards in the School Business

Show your customers that you have been approved by the Nash System to operate and run a school using the Nash System. Advertise you use the same system as the Nash Academy, the school with an international reputation for excellence, in the art of teaching pet lovers how to be professional bathers, groomers, and stylists. Customers will recognize your achievements so sign up now to be a Nash Approved School. 

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