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Tedra Olson Edwards

Site: Peavine Lane Grooming Salon
Nash Approved Practical Instructor
Nash Approved Training Site
Location: Fort Madison, Iowa

Tedra's journey began in the charming town of Dallas City, Illinois, nestled along the serene banks of the Mississippi River. Raised amidst the tranquil backdrop of a small fishing and farming community, Tedra's childhood was enriched by tending to an array of animals. From nurturing goats and chickens for fresh eggs to hopping on horseback daily, her early years were a symphony of rural delights. An unexpected twist of fate intertwined her life with veterinary clinics, thanks to her best friend's dad who was a vet. This connection enabled Tedra to assist with large animal farm calls, working closely with magnificent horses, robust cattle, and hearty swine.

Tedra's quest for diverse experiences led her to the distant shores of Australia, where she spent a transformative year as an exchange student. This voyage allowed her to traverse the landscapes of Australia, Singapore, and Thailand, immersing herself in the richness of different cultures and lifestyles. During her summers, Tedra labored diligently in the bean fields, a testament to her tenacity.

Graduating at the tender age of 17, Tedra ventured into college life, pursuing a multi-faceted education. Her studies encompassed Wildlife Biology, Geography, Geology, and a minor in English. These academic pursuits laid the foundation for her future endeavors, each brick contributing to the structure of a remarkable career.

Today, Tedra stands as a beacon of excellence in the pet industry. She is a National Certified Master Groomer and the proud proprietor of Peavine Lane Pet Spa in Fort Madison, IA. Born into a lineage of pet professionals, Tedra's grandparents and parents were deeply involved in raising and showcasing dogs, a legacy she continues with her Standard Poodles. Despite initially charting a course in Wildlife Biology, Tedra's path shifted when she returned home to care for her ailing mother. This pivotal moment directed her towards a new calling.

Her vocation took root at PAW Animal Shelter in Fort Madison, Iowa, where she found purpose while caring for animals in need. Simultaneously, Tedra embarked on a journey at Parkview Veterinary Clinic, where she honed her skills as a Veterinary Assistant and embarked on the path to becoming a groomer. A few months of on-the-job training paved the way for her participation in grooming seminars, culminating in her pursuit of Master Grooming Certification through the National Dog Groomers Association. In 2006, Tedra's entrepreneurial spirit led her to establish her own pet grooming salon, an endeavor that has since undergone two expansions due to its soaring success.

Beyond her salon, Tedra has been an ardent supporter of the grooming community. Serving as a board member and President of The Iowa State Professional Dog Groomers Association, she played an instrumental role in organizing The Midwest Groomfest in Des Moines. Her passion extends to competitions, where she has both competed and provided demo dogs across the country. However, Tedra's true calling emerged as a mentor and educator. Her heart resonates with sharing knowledge and elevating the grooming industry through education, professionalism, and motivation.

Beyond her professional sphere, Tedra's love for animals permeates her role as a mother to three boys. Her sons actively contribute to the family's pet spa, imbibing the values of compassion and hard work. Engaging in the local theater scene, Tedra and her family have graced the stage and worked behind the scenes with The Old Fort Players. Additionally, they are dedicated members of the Swim Team community, with Tedra assuming the role of a Level 1 Official for YMCA Swim Meets, fostering a love for swimming among the youth.

In her mission to empower the youth, Tedra's salon serves as a haven for on-the-job training for local high school students and individuals with special needs. Her inclusive approach reflects her belief that every young person deserves a chance to explore their potential and carve their unique path in the world.

Tedra's narrative is one of resilience, compassion, and unwavering commitment. From her rural beginnings to her current role as a grooming maven and educator, she continues to weave a tapestry of inspiration and impact.

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