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Nash Approved Training Site

About Nash Approved Training Site for Nash Approved Schools

A Nash Approved Training Site is a Nash Approved Salon that has completed the requirements to train students using a Nash Certified Practical Skills Instructor. The site offers training to students who have completed or currently completing online courses required in the dog bathing, grooming, and styling diploma program. 

Role of Nash Approved Training Site
  • The Role of the Nash Approved Training Site is to provide training to students using the Nash System of Education by a Nash System Certified Practical Skills Instructor. 

  • Training sites are perfect for students who cannot travel. Students complete online courses in the diploma program and complete their onsite practical skills requirements at the training sites to achieve their diploma.


Student Status at Practical Skills Training Site

Students who attend Nash Approved Training Sites are considered Nash students and are not employees who receive a paycheck from the salon during practical skills training. 

Does Student Pay Tuition Fee for Practical Skills Training?

Students who attend training sites pay tuition to Nash Academy or the Nash Approved School in the Nash System. The site receives monetary compensation from the School to train its students in practical skills. 

Who Will Teach Students?

The training sites are required to employ a Nash System of Education Certified Practical Skills Instructor to oversee student training. 

What type of Training will the Nash Approved Training Site Offer? 

Practical Skills Instructors are certified by the Nash System of Pet Care Education and are approved to teach beginner, intermediate and advanced classes. 

  • Training sites offer diploma-level training for cats and dogs.

  • Intermediate training in technical and profile skills.

  • Advanced training for grooming competitions and conformation grooming and handling.


​Set Standards in Industry with Nash Approved Team
  • Training sites set standards in the pet care industry in bathing, grooming, and styling terminology and methodology. 

  • Sites set standards in salon safety, sanitation, organization, and maintenance to prepare salons and salon teams for local, state, national, and/or industry licensing.

Active and Inactive Training Sites

The choice is yours! Offer training only when you have space available.  

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