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Invitation to the
Nash Approved Instructor Course


Because of your extraordinary skills and knowledge, the Nash System of Pet Care Education invites you to join our team to make a difference in the care of man’s best friend via education.


Thank you for your interest in joining the NASH TEAM!


We have been teaching pet lovers to be pet care professionals for over 45 years. With our graduates leading the way in the industry with their outstanding achievements, we take our job seriously.


The Nash System offers many opportunities for talented and skilled educators dedicated to teaching and maintaining the highest standard in all facets of pet care using the Nash System.


To teach the art of canine bathing, grooming, and styling, educators complete the ONLINE and ONSITE courses required in a program to be prepared to teach the subject efficiently and accurately.


The Nash System offers Five Levels of Training

From the Novice to the most advanced in Judging and Showing in the conformation ring. Instructors must be certified by Nash in the course with the same level or higher to teach it. 


  • Level 5 Judge: Grooming Contest - Conformation 

  • Level 4 Specialist

  • Level 3 Expert

  • Level 2 Master

  • Level 1 Novice

~The Nash Approved Team


Options to take the online courses:



Option 1: Self Study; Read & Test Out; Fast Track

The self-study read, and test option is the most popular for students, and it works for future instructors interested in teaching onsite and who wish to complete the required ONLINE courses at their own pace.



Option 2: Course Leader Teacher Assistant

If you are interested in the class leader, enroll in the class leader option with a Nash Certified Class Leader Instructor.



Option 3: Instructor Driven Teacher Assistant

If online teaching is for you, the instructor-driven option would be your best option to understand the full responsibilities, policies, and procedures of the online instructors.


Staying Active in the Nash System ONLINE COURSES

Nash online courses constantly updates to keep current with the latest trends, products, equipment, and tools. 

  • Instructors must remain current to teach them! 

  • Instructors must teach the course at least once in a calendar year to maintain active status. 

  • Instructors who do not participate in a course in a calendar year are inactive and must retake the course to achieve active status.


How We Evaluate ONLINE Team in the Nash System

Getting good reviews from your students is the ultimate goal as a teacher, and we know communication is everything when it comes to online teaching. Your knowledge of the course material and online communication skills are essential. Instructors are evaluated on the following:


ONLINE Course Test Grades (25%)

Courses offer multiple-choice tests discussions and are considered twenty-five percent of your overall grade, score, and level.


ONLINE Instructor Discussion Performance (50% grade)

Discussions in Course Leader and Instructor Driven Courses


ONLINE COURSE Student Reviews (25% of grade)

All online courses offer student reviews. Instructors must achieve average or above-average and maintain the rating to remain active.



The Nash System requires instructors to complete a series of trim styles onsite to confirm technical skills, profile knowledge, overall safe and gentle handling of the pet, and routines and techniques.


The Nash System trim styles by coat type certification system is the most comprehensive in the pet grooming industry. Students must complete as many of the different trim styles as possible in school with a select group to complete the Bathing, Grooming, and Styling Basics in the diploma program.


To teach the diploma level, intermediate or advanced onsite trim styles, you must achieve your teaching level. 


Trim Styles by Coat Types

If you are a Nash graduate, we can reference your grades in school, or you have the option to submit updated trim styles to achieve the highest level of expertise. 


Not a Nash graduate? In that case, you can attend the school, an approved testing center, or use trim styles from previous grooming competitions, certifications, or confirmation shows.


Listed below are the trim style requirements to teach the dog diploma level. 


  • Bathing Basics: Level 2 Master or Higher
  • Grooming Basics: Level 2 Master or Higher

  • Styling Basics: Level 3 Expert or Higher



To qualify to teach the Bathing Basics, Grooming Basics, and Styling Basics with the Nash System of Pet Care Education, the educator must complete the following courses required in the Diploma Program with a GPA of 92.5 or higher. 


Online - Pet Care Professional Certification 

  • $120  Understanding Man's Best Friend 

  • $120  Form & Function of Man's Best Friend

  • $120  Taking Care of Man's Best Friend

  • $120  First Aid & CPR for Man's Best Friend

  • $120  Who's Who for Man's Best Friend

  • $120  Variations & Creations for Man's Best Friend

Online - Professional Bather, Groomer and Stylists Certification 

  • $240  Salon for Man's Best Friend

  • $240  Grooming Man's Best Friend

  • $240  Styling for Man's Best Friend

Online - Teaching Practical Skills 

  • $60 Twenty Steps to Teaching the Five Phases of Bathing, Grooming, and Styling
  • $60 Teaching Policies, Procedures for Practical Skills Onsite Instructors

Onsite - Teaching Practical Skills 

Teaching the Five Phases of Bathing, Groom, and Styling the Cat can be added at no additional fee or time.

  • $200 How to Teach the Five Phases of Bathing, Grooming, and Styling in the classroom utilizing the Twenty Steps. Observation & Shadowing 4 Hours
  • $200 Teaching the Five Phases of Bathing, Grooming, and Styling Onsite utilizing the Twenty Steps. Practice & Teach 4 Hours

The onsite course teaches the 20 steps for instructors to follow when teaching to achieve and maintain the Nash System. The twenty steps discuss the instructor-student communication and procedures during the five phases. 


  • Phase 1 Prepping

  • Phase 2 Bathing

  • Phase 3 Drying

  • Phase 4 Brushing

  • Phase 5 Finishing

Required Trim Styles (Mixed breeds can be substituted.)

Multitude of Coat Types

  1. Natural Trim Styles: Short; Smooth; Medium Smooth; Nordic

  2. Long and Flowing Trim Styles - With or Without Part: Drop Coats

  3. Silhouette Tidy Trim Styles: Rough Nordic; Rough; 

  4. Silhouette Enhancement Trim Styles: Medium Long


Sporting Coat Types

  1. Sporting Saddle Trim Styles: Sporting Coat Types

  2. Sporting Jacket Trim Styles: Sporting Coat Types


Wire Coat Types

  1. Long Legged Terrier: Wire Coat Types

  2. Scruffy Jacket: Wire Coat Types

  3. Short Legged Terrier: Wire Coat Types

  4. Short Legged Terrier with Fall: Wire Coat Types

  5. Short Legged Terrier with Unique Head Style: Wire Coat Types

  6. Short Legged Terrier with Unique Head and Neck Style: Wire Coat Types


Curly Coat Types

  1. Modern: Curly Coat Types

  2. Continental: Curly Coat Types

  3. Long Legged Terrier: Curly Coat Types

  4. Full Coated Body and Head Trim Style: Curly Coat Types

  5. Unique: Bedlington Curly Coat Types

  6. Lion Trim: Curly Coat Types

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