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Stacey Herbert

Site: Dog Spa Academy
Nash Approved School
Location: Norwood, New Jersey

Stacey Herbert, a distinguished graduate of The Nash Academy of Animal Arts in 1987, has carved an impressive journey in the world of pet grooming and education. Her lifelong passion for animals led her to own and manage four successful pet salons over the years. Stacey is the proud owner of two thriving salons and has taken her dedication to the next level by establishing The Dog Spa Academy, a prestigious Nash Approved School in the charming town of Norwood, New Jersey.


In 2011, Stacey's exceptional salon achieved the esteemed title of being a Nash Approved Training Site, an accomplishment that has empowered her to mentor and guide numerous aspiring pet groomers on their path to obtaining diplomas in pet grooming.

With over 25 years of hands-on experience, Stacey is a true authority in the field. Her remarkable journey has encompassed roles as an accomplished Show Groomer, a Nash Academy Online Instructor, and a Nash Approved Practical Skills Instructor. 

Stacey's commitment to the Nash Academy's values of safe and gentle handling techniques is evident in every facet of her spa, where she diligently upholds the cornerstone principles. Her salons also testify to the success of Nash Approved training sites in the USA.

Stacey's unwavering passion for teaching and her continuous pursuit of excellence sets her apart. Her entrepreneurial spirit drives her mantra, "Not Stop Until She Reaches the Top." This passion for education is an evolving force, as Stacey is currently enrolled at Brookdale College, working towards earning her degree in Teaching, positioning her as a New Jersey Certified Technical Educator.

Stacey's love for animals, dedication to grooming, and commitment to nurturing the next generation of pet groomers make her a true inspiration. Her journey from a Nash graduate to a prominent educator is a story of perseverance, skill, and boundless passion.

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